Spring Flower Subscription 8 week




Idlewild’s bouquets will highlight the best flowers of spring: Lilac, Anemone, Ranunculus, Delphinium and peony can be expected in this 8 week subscription. Each week the bouquet will be different and highlight what’s in bloom.

Pick up is available at City Park Farmers Market every Saturday from 8-1 or Boulder County Farmers Market every Wednesday from 4pm -7pm. The first pick up is the week of May 8th and the last is the week of July 3rd.

If you can’t pick up your flowers, send a friend! Missed pick ups will not be reimbursed or made up for. By purchasing a subscription, you agree to take a share in the inherent risk of farming and agree to excuse any seasonal mishaps that may occur. Idlewild Flower Farm agrees to provide you with the highest quality flowers.